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Becoming a Fellow

Clinical Sciences Residency Program

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) graduate programs have produced over 110 graduates since 1975 who have become recognised leaders in academia, research, health administration and politics. Alumni can be found as members of national and international elite sports teams, executives, clinicians and scientists within university and chiropractic programs around the world.

Clinical Sciences Program Coordinator: S. Mior

Offers advanced clinical training, critical thinking, academics, teaching and research. The program provides an interactive experience, based on academic and practical multidisciplinary exposure in hospital settings. Graduates often pursue careers in areas of clinical consulting, research, and as scholars capable of participating in a multidisciplinary environment. Students work as teaching assistants at CMCC and write an independent original thesis project and systematic review.

External Clinical and Research Practica for Chiropractic Residency Programs

The graduate student’s diagnostic and treatment skills are further developed at specialized external clinical rotations. Multidisciplinary interactions are incorporated into the programs and each program has mandatory and optional practica consistent with the specialty program. As well, each graduate student who receives a Fellowship Award is required to participate in a placement treating patients in an outpatient hospital clinic or alternate facility, as deemed appropriate by the Director, Graduate Studies, Vice President, Academic, and the Program Coordinator. Opportunities may be offered to other graduate students, based on availability. Graduate students are to check directly with the Director for the appropriate practicum.

Teaching & Research Opportunities

CMCC offers the chance for residents to participate as assistants in both teaching and research positions. Further information can be found at: https://www.cmcc.ca/academic-programs/chiropractic-residency-programs